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Building Maintenance Unit

Being a reputed building maintenance unit company in India, we have always delivered the best cleaning and maintenance services to our clients. We understand the complexities of cleaning those high rise building facades. Thus, we have arranged highly experienced and professional façade cleaning experts. Our experts are well acquainted with the functioning and efficiency of BMU cleaning system, thus assuring the best services.

Most of the time, the Building maintenance unit BMU are equipped with the exterior of the structure. Because of this setup, it is easy to move the BMU over the surface of the structure. This kind of system needs no other support equipment, thus there is a great demand for BMU cleaning system in India. We at Leo Fab Asia offer BMU cleaning services with two types of access systems.

Types of Building Maintenance Unit

These products are specially designed for vertical transportation to clean the facades or exterior. This equipment can easily take an overall load upto 240 kg. Mainly, we deal with four types of cradle setup – Articulated cradles, Powerchair, 1.25 mtr cradles, and 90 deg rotating cradles. Because of such innovative cradles, it is feasible for us to deliver high-quality BMU cleaning system service.

With these access systems, it is feasible to manage horizontal transportation over the aluminium alloy track. The track is manufactured as per the structure of the building, thus our experts can ride the Monorails to any corner of the building.
Types of Monorails, through which we offer building maintenance unit services include floor mounted installation Monorail, Floor mounted Devit JIB, Counterweight, Parapet clamp, Travelling Devit JIB, Mobile Devit JIB, and floor mounted monorails.

Because of our reliable BMU cleaning services, we are often termed as the best building maintenance unit company in Mumbai.

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