Monorail System

Monorail System- Now Clean Your Building Windows With Ease

Facade Access Monorail Systems are designed for the maintenance of buildings. The absence of such a system, the façade of the building can be badly affected by harmful particles. Buildings that are formed of materials like wood, glass, brick, plastic, etc. requires proper maintenance. Proper cleaning will help to prevent decay of substrates. Carbon emissions can lead to decay, and the exterior of buildings is affected continuously by wind, snow, rain etc. that’s why it is very important to maintain your building using monorail facade cleaning system.

How is it important in the cleaning of the building?

• With the help of monorail cleaning system, you can efficiently maintain your buildings.

• The best systems take care of all facade cleaning aspects such as external facades, windows, paving, roofs, structural steel and more.

• With the advanced Monorail Systems, you get all the features to keep the buildings safe from decay.

• With the help of these cleaning systems, you are not only increasing the life of the buildings but also making the buildings to look more beautiful.

• The monorail cleaning system helps to prevent further damage to the building.

With so much of benefits, such systems are considered as the most cost-effective and easy window cleaning systems.

Types of monorail façade cleaning system

Face Mounted Monorail

Ceiling mounted

This concealed rail systems are installed under the canopy, and it stays hidden. It doesn’t affect the visual appearance of your building.

Climbing monorail system

Our climbing Monorail Facade Access System works on traction drive. The track of the rail system moves with the building structure, and the cradle is suspended by electrical trolley.

This monorail lifting system keeps the cradle close to the building façade. The monorail works with powered cradle, and it is an extruded aluminium element installed outside of the building with the help of steel bracket anchored. These systems are very easy to use. Besides, you can also adjust the system as per the structure of the building. So, choose the best overhead monorail system for the building and keep it shining throughout the season.

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