Suspended Platform

Rope Suspended Platform Manufacturers in Mumbai

Suspended Platform

Are you looking for reliable TSP rental services to ensure proper inspection & repairing of high rise facades? Being a reputed suspended platform manufacturer in Mumbai, we offer necessary services regarding the suspended platforms. We at Leo Fab Asia understand the difficulties in cleaning and repairing the sophisticated building structures, thus started offering various access equipments.

Because of our high manufacturing standards, our rope suspended platforms are greatly appreciated by the clients. Mainly, we offer appropriate solutions or equipments for silicon filling, sealent filling, façade rectification work and others. It’s like, whenever there are some works related to facades or any high rise buildings, the clients highly seek our equipments as well as services. Apart from ensuring suspended platform rental in India, we also offer manpower for the work.

Highly experienced technicians for handling the access equipments
We have arranged experienced technicians in order to manage the services of suspended platform in India. Because of high demand for access products, the market is pretty competitive in India. In order to stay away from the competition, we always offer the best services associated with suspended platforms. Our technicians have keen knowledge regarding the access equipments, thus they deliver the best on-site services. Starting from assembling the platform to deploy, every work is effectively handled by our technicians.

Features of suspended platforms

As we are one of the trustable suspended platform manufacturers in India, we ensure you the best quality equipments with unique features.

• For easy assembly, our suspended platforms include wire ropes, roof rig, safety brake, hoists and others.

• Easy to dismantle and transport anytime.

So, if you are seeking suspended platform rental services or consultation services, then feel free to communicate with our experts.

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