Cradles system

Cradle system- A Perfect Equipment For Building Maintenance

With more and more high-rise buildings appearing all over India, the cleaning of such has become more and more important. Generally, exterior works of high-rise building include works like façade cleaning, high rise window cleaning, exterior wall cleaning and more. If you don’t have the proper equipment for this, it can lead to serious consequences. So, to avoid those unwanted issues, use cradle cleaning system for such works. According to the characteristics of a high-rise building, the main equipment that is used in the maintenance of the building are:

• The building maintenance unit which is also known and BMU.

• Temporarily suspended platform cradle.

• Powered cleaning cradle system.

Leo Fab Asia has emerged as one of the reputed cradle manufacturers India. If you are looking for perfect and cradle access systems which can pass through any stringent test you can depend on Leo Fab Asia.

The powered cradles systems

The powered cradle for glass cleaning comes with all the necessary features which can make the window glass cleaning work a lot easier. There is also powered facade cleaning cradle which can be used to get an effective and smooth façade cleaning process. These powered cradles come with following features:

• Variable speed control using a dancer bar.

• For heavy loading material, there is a tilt-back option.

• Dual-cradle configuration for more stability.

• Additional upright assembly to boost the feeding flexibility.

• Comes in mirror image and standard configuration.

• Automatic edge controller for easy use.

• Reverse roll attachment option.

• Comes with Uprights expand and frozen Bar.

• Out of cloth sensor.

• Comes with a loop sensor for easy spreading.

• Extended dancer arm.

Powered cradles are the major part of the BMU system, and it carries the technician to go up and down of the façade.

Power building cleaning cradle can come in 1, 2and 3meters in length. However, you can combine them to get a maximum of 12 meters in length.

As one of the best cradle manufacturers, Leo Fab Asia provides powered cradles equipped with safety block, emergency stop, electromagnetic brake, thermal overload safety, and more safety features. Enjoy an easy façade ad window cleaning process with best quality power cradle manufactured by best window cleaning cradle manufacturers.

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