Davit Systems

Davit System for facade and window cleaning

Davit System for maintenance and effective window cleaning

Davit system looks like a small crane, or you can say a movable window washing system. To move whatever hanging from the davit, a hoist is required in the hanging part. It is not an easy task to clean the windows of tall buildings. Without proper equipment, the situation can go wrong. That’s why to make the window washing process much easier; you can install a davit facade cleaning system in your building.

Generally, a davit system bmu consists of two main parts, i.e., a portable davit arm and a base plate or pedestal. There is no need to worry about any damage as the system is available in aluminium and mind steel material. The davit arm of the davit and the base is a metal plate mounted to the roof which supports the davit arm.

Types of Davit that you can use

There are two types of Davit that you can choose as per your requirement. One is low profile davit, and another is high profile davit.

If you want to davit system for ground-level cradle movements only, then you can choose low profile davit.

Looking for a davit which can offer you easy cradle movement from rooftop to ground level? High profile bmu davit system can be your best options.

Slab mounted:

The slab mounted Davits is mounted on brackets and anchored with galvanized steel anchor. It bolts to the building’s concrete roof slab.

Davit and the arm style

You will get two arm types with window cleaning davit system, i.e., Swing arm and Fixed arm.

Swing arm type: Such davit can be easily turned 90 degrees to bring the cradle to the building’s roof. However, you have to operate it manually.

Fixed type – low profile application.

However, while buying David always look for best and professional davit arm manufacturers to get the best quality and to work without any worry

Parapet mounted:

The parapet mounted swing davit systems for buildings are installed on the concrete parapet of the building.

Davit Systems arm types:

Fixed arm type: Such David is used only for low profile application.

Fixed type – low profile application.

While buying David, always prefer to buy it from reputed davit manufacturers to avoid any problem during work.

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