Facade Cleaning Services in Mumbai

facade cleaning services in Mumbai

Facade Cleaning

Facade which also means the frontage or the face is one of the most important parts of the building as it will be the first impression of your company and as say ‘first impression is the final impression’. To make that first impression as the best impression, we offer facade cleaning services to our clients that ensures that the building has a more hospitable front. Facade cleaning system also helps to remove the harsh pollutants that might affect the facade in the long run.

Leo Fab Asia offers the below mentioned methods for facade cleaning:

1. Water Cleaning Method:
If you are sceptical to use the chemicals on your facade then water cleaning method is the best for you as this method does not use any chemicals but only the water. This too has two options as below:

• Water Soaking- In this method, water is used in order to loosen the dirt and eventually washing it away. After the dirt is loosen and soft, the facade will be scrubbed through brush which ensures 100% riddance from the dirt.

• Pressure Washing- If you’re only looking for the removal of light or moderate atmospheric and organic stains then pressure washing will be suitable for you. In this, water will be splashed on your facade in a pre-decided pressure which will wash away the stains.

2: Chemical Cleaning Method:
If you think that your facade have stains that cannot be washed away by water then you can go for chemical cleaning option. Four types of chemicals can be used as mentioned below:

• Acidic cleaners

• Alkaline cleaners

• Organic solvent

• Non sudsing detergent

3: Abrasive Cleaning
As the name suggests, abrasive cleaning uses some of the abrasives in order to remove the dirt completely. This is a more effective method of cleaning and is suitable for stone, masonry & concrete.

4: Spiderman Cleaning Services
Well, this is the most commonly used and cost effective method of facade cleaning. We take full care of the safety and ensure a hassle free cleaning experience.

Leo Fab provides best facade cleaning services in Mumbai so wait no more and contact us now.

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